AIB Hockey

4 Rink Aerial ShotTucked in between the hills and evergreens of upstate New York, the Adirondack Ice Bowl provides hockey enthusiasts a rare opportunity to play the game on a natural surface in the heart of the Adirondack Park. The official pond hockey boards allow for a competitive pace of play, and ensure the puck spends more time on the playing surface than the surrounding snow banks.

Championship SheetFor the players, the AIB really goes the extra mile. Skating on the natural surface definitely has its thrills, but after a few games, what was once was ice, now is slush. To make sure our players get the most out of the event, the AIB has designed and fabricated a custom hot water unit, and uses two vintage Zambonis to resurface the ice during the tournament. We go to great lengths to provide the best playing surface at our tournament.

Double ZammysAlthough there aren’t any goalies, goals are no easy dump-in at the Ice Bowl. The AIB’s custom pond hockey goals make players work for each goal just as they would in a real game. The four feet wide goals have one foot openings at each end, separated by the two feet wide shot blocker featuring one of the event’s sponsors. Fan Shootouts between games also give spectators an opportunity to shoot on the AIB goals for free merchandise and other prizes.

AIB GoalThe tournament’s featured events are the championship games played Saturday night under the lights.

Champ LightsCheck out the top teams from both divisions as they battle it out to get their hands on the coveted AIB Bear. It’s a must see game for all fans and players.