Congratulations 2015 Champions

2015 Open Division Champions
The Gordie Go Hards
Park Ridge, New Jersey

Open Champs 2


2015 Masters Division Champions
Sunday Brews
Saratoga, New York

Masters Champs

3 Responses

  1. it was an awesome time this year. Counting the days for next year. Great job to everyone that put on a fabulous year
  2. Love the mountains in the winter & love hockey so 5 of us came for 4 days & attended as spectators. Great time!!! Very well organized event. Good hockey. Looking forward to coming back next year.
  3. It would be nice if someone in charge would place recycling bins out on the lake where the snowmobiles park. My wife and myself saw lots of beer bottles and cans laying on the frozen lake. I rode back Monday to check things out. Everything was gone but the trash smashed into the snow by sleds. We live in pa. But have a home in eagle bay ny. Love the event and the adks. Want to keep it clean and the lakes free of trash thank you, bob

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