Event Parking

[1] The Woods Inn
There are two lots for  parking at the Woods Inn, one in front of the resort and the other in the lot adjacent to the Woods Inn’s entrance. However, these lots tend to fill up fast, in which case players/spectators can park at additional nearby sites.

[2] Arrowhead Park
The Arrowhead Park parking lot is within walking distance from the Woods Inn, located roughly 50 yards north on Rt. 28 (Arrowhead Park Road).

[3] NYS Boat Launch
Depending on snowfall, parking may be available at the NYS boat launch on Highland Trail, one tenth of a mile south of the Woods Inn on Rt. 28.

[4] Fern Park
Parking is also available at Fern Park, located on Loomis Rd. (just off of South Shore Road), about 0.4 miles from the Woods Inn.

Locations are identified on the map below by number.

AIB Parking