Thank You AIB Fans!

The AIB would like to thank our players, fans and volunteers for their continued support of the event through this year’s inclement weather. Despite the extensive ice preparations, the team was forced to make the unfortunate decision to cancel Saturday’s games due to unsafe conditions on the ice. The combination of excessive snowfall, above-freezing temperatures, and the opening of the Fifth Lake Channel caused several cracks in the ice to separate, creating holes and forcing water to the surface. Our concerns for the safety of everyone involved in the event ultimately led to the first cancellation of games in our nine year history. While it was a tough decision, events later in the day suggested that we made the right call. Reflecting back on the last few days, we were thrilled to see the remarkable turnout at the Woods Inn on Saturday, and remain convinced that Ice Bowl fans are truly one of a kind.

With that said, we cannot allow the AIB Bear to go without a champion for 2017. Therefore, we’ll be compiling the results from Friday’s rounds of play to crown the 2017 AIB champions. Stay tuned for a follow up announcement after the results are tallied.

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